108 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Download the "Days of Future Past" episode.
Download the “Days of Future Past” episode.

This week we start off our X-Men series with “Days of Future Past” by Chris Claremont. As Cyclops leaves the team, a new generation of X-Men step in, including new member Kitty Pryde. We talk about the fight with Wendigo and the tryst into a bleak, sentinel-ruled alternate future. For more information on past or future shows, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!

021 – Sandman: Endless Nights

Download the "Sandman: Endless Nights" Episode.
Download the "Sandman: Endless Nights" Episode.

We wrap up the Neil Gaiman arc with what has to be our longest episode ever as we discuss “Sandman: Endless Nights,” a series of vignettes representing each of the Endless. For information on upcoming shows, check out our show schedule on our website.