293 – The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins

We continue our tribute to the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman by reading “The Legend of Wonder Woman: Origins” by Renae de Liz. We get an interesting take on Themyscria before meeting the charming and charismatic Etta Candy, sorority girl and singer, on our way to defeating a Manhunter. We talk about how we don’t talk about race, Hippolyta’s motivations, and that subtly gorgeous art. Plus, action figure talk up top.

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Next week: “Wonder Woman: Earth One” by Grant Morrison.

292 – Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Just in time for the Wonder Woman movie, we’re starting our Wonder Woman 75 series with “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon” by Jill Thompson. In this graphic novel, artist/author Thompson gives us a reinvention of Diana’s origin story, covering her youth and the actions that led her to leave Paradise Island. We talk about morality, consequences, friendship, and that achingly gorgeous art. Not just a fantastic Wondy story, this may be one of the best cape comics we’ve ever read for the show. Plus, Jen finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

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Next week: “The Legend of Wonder Woman” by Renae De Liz.

291 – Bitch Planet: Extraordinary Machine

Bitch Planet: Extraordinary Machine

The last title in our ‘Turns Out It Was Good’ series is “Bitch Planet: Extraordinary Machine” by Kelly Sue DeConnick. In this sexploitation-style dystopian satire, non-conforming women are sent away for “rehabilitation” on Bitch Planet. We discuss the constructs of gender, sexism, feminism, and intersectionality through this unique sci-fi lens. We get deep and we get a little ranty. Plus, there’s a little Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 discussion up top.

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Next week: “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon” by Jill Thompson