300 – 300

We celebrate our 300th episode in cheeky fashion by reading “300” by Frank Miller. This classic GN, adapted into an action movie, tales the tale of 300 Spartan warriors who held back the might of the Persian army. We talk about the spot-on mood setting, the lack of opportunities for character development, and the pacing. There are countless unavoidable comparisons with the movie, but we answer the big question of which was better up top. Plus, Andy and David talk about their experience at San Francisco Comic Con.

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Next episode: “Monstress: The Blood” by Marjorie Liu

P00 – Patreon Episodes Are Now Free

After 10 patron-exclusives, we’re making these extra minutes free for everybody! These outtakes were recorded during our Wonder Woman series. We play Ferengi Fill-in-the-Blank (0:00), talk about Hawaii 5-O (4:16), laugh at Sentient Planet Fight Night (6:33), bemoan missed opportunities (7:22), and drool over Wonder Woman figures (9:39). Download the episode today at https://www.patreon.com/welcometocomics.

134 – Butts!


We’re making up for lost time! It just so happens that we never recorded an episode 134, so we’re filling in the blanks before next week’s EPISODE 300 by taking a listener request topic: the best butts in comics! We mention some of the greatest hits, but overall have a discussion about objectification, who gets to have a good butt, and how they get to show that butt.

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Next week: “300” by Frank Miller