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About the Show

Ever wanted to get into reading comics, but didn’t know where to start? Enjoy the Marvel movies or the DC shows and want to really dig into the source? Or maybe you’ve always been a comics lover, but never had somebody to talk to about all the classics? We’re the show for you. Every week, we talk about a different graphic novel or trade paperback and talk about the characters, story, and art. It’s kind of like a book club for comics.

How do we choose the comics we read? First, we pick a topic like “Batman” or an author like “Neil Gaiman.” Then, we dig around the internet and look for the “best” batman stories or “classic” Neil Gaiman comics, and read them. While we choose our topics from a lot of different places, we always love taking listener requests. We encourage you to read along with us and leave comments on the website with your own feedback to be included in the podcast. Below are a few words about our podcasters.

About the Hosts

Listen to Episode 201, “The Retcon and The Relaunch,” where we share our stories of how we got into comics and the kinds of things we love to read.

Over-educated Andy has a background mostly in the DC comics of the glorious 80’s (somehow the “perfect introduction to comics” to give new readers is always Justice League International). That really should explain the love for guys like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, perennial icons of comic book tomfoolery. It’s also a bit of the reason he’s drawn to characters whose histories are rooted in ret-cons: Power Girl and Aquaman being prime examples. Nowadays, though, most of his pull list is Marvel and his favorite writers are with Image.

By day, David harnesses the power of his BA in English and works as a mild-manner Technical Writer in the fast-paced world of wireless network technology. By night, he prowls the aisles of his local comic shops (sometimes dragging his beautiful and understanding wife along), searching for new stories of excitement and suspense. David’s love of comics begins differently than most; not with another’s hand-me-downs, but with trading cards. The DC and Marvel trading card craze of the early 1990’s brought superhero comics to his attention. David’s comic background lies mainly with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: The Avengers! He also loves heroes based in mythology, such as Thor and Hercules, and cosmic stories, such as Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. David has only recently begun dipping into the DC Universe, starting with the Green Lantern event: The Sinestro Corps War. And thanks to Andy, David has become a huge fan of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

Jen clearly doesn’t understand this whole secret identity thing, as her biggest goal is to bring her video game- and comic book-loving persona into her professional and academic life. Right now, she’s working on her MA in English with a thesis exploring how comics retell and reform both traditional and pop-culture myth. Jen’s introduction to comics started in high school, where she read an unhealthy amount of manga. In college, she discovered Alan Moore’s work, which opened up the world of Western comics for her. Jen’s favorite comic series is Gaiman’s Sandman, and she’s looking forward to taking the headlong plunge into regular Marvel and DC readership.

Music for the show is provided graciously by J. Siwa. Voiceover work is done by our assistant producer, Mitali. This website is built and maintained by JollyAndy, who provides all hosting for Welcome to Comics. The show is produced by Mitali Hindia and Andrew Weiglein. Co-hosts for the show are Jen Jebens and David Montgomery.

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