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About the Show

Ever wanted to get into reading comics, but didn’t know where to start? Enjoy the Marvel movies or the DC shows and want to really dig into the source? Or maybe you’ve always been a comics lover, but never had somebody to talk to about all the classics? We’re the show for you. Every week, we talk about a different graphic novel or trade paperback and talk about the characters, story, and art. It’s kind of like a book club for comics.

How do we choose the comics we read? First, we pick a topic like “Batman” or an author like “Neil Gaiman.” Then, we dig around the internet and look for the “best” batman stories or “classic” Neil Gaiman comics, and read them. While we choose our topics from a lot of different places, we always love taking listener requests. We encourage you to read along with us and leave comments on the website with your own feedback to be included in the podcast. Below are a few words about our podcasters.

About the Hosts

Listen to Episode 201, “The Retcon and The Relaunch,” where we share our stories of how we got into comics and the kinds of things we love to read.

Andy, David, and Jen all met in college while studying English and carried their love of art and literature into comics. We love talking about the latest things we’ve read and we aren’t afraid to break down the literary criticism of a story while talking about explosions and sexy characters.

Music for the show is provided graciously by J. Siwa. Voiceover work is done by our assistant producer, Mitali. This website is built and maintained by JollyAndy, who provides all hosting for Welcome to Comics. The show is produced by Mitali Hindia and Andrew Weiglein. Co-hosts for the show are Jen Jebens and David Montgomery.

Contact Us
You can follow Andy on twitter @jollyandy or follow the show @welcometocomics. We’re on Facebook, too. Have some feedback to send our way? Want us to read a specific comic or talk about a certain topic? Need to tell us something we got wrong or screwed up? Use this handy form for anything you want to send our way!

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