313 – Doom Patrol: Brick by Brick

We pick up another Young Animal book for our Best of 2017 series by reading “Doom Patrol: Brick by Brick” by Gerard Way. In this unraveling story, young paramedic Casey Brinke discovers her origin story while assembling the Doom Patrol once more. We talk about the wild ride this comic brings you on, the loose feeling and tone it gives, and the incredible art that delivers through and through. Throughout the book, though, we ask just how much an author can reasonably expect of their reader. Plus, we talk about Subnautica and Dragonball Super up top to start the show.

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Next time: “’Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn, Too: A Book’ by Jomny Sun” by Jonny Sun

150 – Justice League International, Vol. 1

Download the "Justice League International" episode.
Download the “Justice League International” episode.

For our 150th episode we kick off our second ever superseries by reading Justice League International from 1987. This “cult” classic by keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire countered the late-80’s trend toward dark and gritty by showing us the heroes behind the masks and their everyday interactions. The result is a perfectly-executed gem of a DC comics sitcom. It’s an incredibly fun read and is the perfect way to kick off this set of five JLI episodes. For information on past or future shows, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!

074 – Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

Download the "Ultimate Galactus" episode.
Download the "Ultimate Galactus" episode.

We jump forward about 50 years from last week by reading the “Ultimate Galactus Trilogy,” a tome of a story arc spanning three miniseries and a one-shot. It’s a huge tale with a long, savory buildup. But do we like these Ultimates or do we want our old helmet-head back? For more information on past or upcoming episodes, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!