302 – Thor: Who Holds the Hammer?

302 - Thor: Who Holds the Hammer?

It’s the second episode in our ‘Podcaster’s Choice, vol. 2’ series as we read “Thor: Who Holds the Hammer?” by Jason Aaron. We’ve eclipsed 300 episodes, so we’re going back to read the second volume of some of our favorites. This week, Andy chose the followup to episode 227’s “Thor: Goddess of Thunder.” We talk about the juicy Odin family drama and how it immediately adds depth to storytelling, mull over who else may have been worthy to hold Mjolnir, and discuss the problems with comic book numbering and renumbering.

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Next time: “The Wicked + The Divine: Fandemonium” by Kieron Gillen.

299 – Astonishing Thor

Astonishing Thor

Our “Strokin’ Ego’s Ego” comes to a close as we read “Astonishing Thor,” five-issue miniseries by Robert Rodi. In this insane comic, the living planet Ego is alerted to the existence of his long-lost Brother, but not all reunions are joyful! Thor’s in this comic, too, and so are cosmic beings and an elemental but we ain’t here for that. We talk about the lore behind Ego, the ridiculousness of this book, and the morals of beings whose minds we simply cannot comprehend.

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Next Week: We talk about butts!

297 – Thor #160-#161

Because we all loved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 so much, we’re doing a series on Ego the Living Planet and starting off with “Thor #160-#161” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby from all the way back in the 70s. Thor intervenes to stop a galaxy-crushing battle between Ego and Galactus and finds a new home for The Wanderers. This comic may be almost 50 years old, but surprisingly so much of it still holds up: kernels of great ideas can be found everywhere. We talk a bit about how the flippant concern for canon back in the Golden Age lead to creativity and gush for days over Jack Kirby’s flawless work.

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Next time: “Nova: Nova Corps” by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.