318 – JSA: Strange Adventures

We open our discussion of Legacy characters with Starman by reading “JSA: Strange Adventures” by Kevin J. Anderson. In this retro-feeling comic, the JSA battles the mysterious Lord Dynamo and his Zeppelin. We talk about the old school vibes, Johnny Thunder, dodged complexity, and on-point art. This comic is a work of love, and it shows, but does Golden Age storytelling hold up? Plus, are you hyped for Infinity War?

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Next time: ‚ÄúStarman: Sins of the Father” by James Robinson

060 – Kingdom Come

Download the "Kingdom Come" episode.
Download the "Kingdom Come" episode.

On Thanksgiving 2011, APSC is thankful for good comics and special guests! This week we’re joined by Peter the Superman Expert as we discuss “Kingdom Come,” by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, widely heralded as one of the best comics of all time. Can you guess which one of us thought it was “just okay”? For more information on past or upcoming episodes, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com.