319 – Starman: Sins of the Father

James Robinson’s Starman is one of DC comics’ legendary runs, so of course, we have to read “Starman: Sins of the Father” for our legacy character discussion. In this comic, Jack Knight reluctantly picks up the mantle of Starman from his father to defend Opal City from The Mist. We talk about the rich family dynamic of the Knights, the self-motivated Shade, and of course the themes of legacy and inheritance. Plus, that gorgeous art just brings Opal City to life, doesn’t it?

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Next time: “JSA: Black Vengeance” by Geoff Johns

127 – Flash: Terminal Velocity

Download the "Flash: Terminal Velocity" episode.
Download the “Flash: Terminal Velocity” episode.

Our first speedster story, “Terminal Velocity” by Mark Waid kicks off the new Flash series. As Kobra sets a plan into motion to use Keystone City to power his minions across the globe, Wally West comes home from a vision of the future — a vision of his own death. We talk about all the silly, stupid secrets and the great burdens and joys of carrying the mantle. Plus, Impulse is a strong character to love or to hate, but he’s hard to ignore. For more information on past or future shows, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!