307 – Fathom, Vol. 1

We’re back after our long winter break to give you an episode on “Fathom, Vol. 1” by Michael Turner to kick off our series on comics with new superheroes. In Fathom, a young woman named Aspen gains superpowers and becomes embroiled in a war between those above and those below. We have a great time talking about this comic, from the incredible art that made Michael Turner a juggernaut in the 90’s all the way to those dangling plot points. Plus, we talk about Thor: Ragnarok, the MCU, and Disney’s role in nerddom in 2018.

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Next time: “Voodoo: What Lies Beneath” by Ron Marz

124 – Nightwing: A Knight of Bludhaven

Download the "Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven" episode.
Download the “Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven” episode.

Our Sidekicks Movin’ Up series rolls on toward the ultimate sidekick, Robin, with “Nightwing: A Knight of Bludhaven.” The Boy Wonder takes on a gangland mystery when 21 bodies float upriver into Gotham from the slimy suburb of Bludhaven. We talk about 90’s art, sneaky cops, and the spinning roulette games of Bludhaven’s criminal underworld. Also, nagging women make the world go ’round. For more information on past or future shows, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!

099 – Ame-Comi

Download the "Ame-Comi" episode!
Download the “Ame-Comi” episode!

For our 99th episode, we read the digital-only series “Ame-Comi” by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. Inspired by a series of statuettes, the comic creates an alternate DC Universe where all the superheroes are women. The result is an incredibly interesting commentary on comics today. We also take a good chunk of time for an in-depth discussion of the digital comics experience. For more information on past or future shows, visit www.atomicpoweredsupercast.com!