119 – Saga, Vol. 1

Download the "Saga, Vol. 1" episode.
Download the “Saga, Vol. 1” episode.

Our Best Comics of 2012 series starts off with Brian K. Vaughan’s Fantasy Sci-Fi epic, “Saga.” The first volume of this trade is full of the promise of huge storylines, from an overbearing war that’s engulfed the whole galaxy to the infinite struggle of two lovers and their newborn baby just trying to survive. Plus, the art by Fiona Staples is out of this world. For more information on past or future shows, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com!

043 – San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Download the "SDCC2011" episode.
Download the "SDCC2011" episode.

Hello all! We take a little break from our normally scheduled programming to bring you a San Diego Comic-Con International special. Andy, along with a handful of fellow convention-goers, discusses the year’s biggest event in comics and geekdom. We discuss panels, costumes, swag, lines, and everything else SDCC-related. For more information on past or upcoming episodes, visit www.AtomicPoweredSuperCast.com.