236 – Gundam Build Fighters Try

Gundam Build Fighters Try

We wrap up our series on Gunpla by watching the finale to “Gundam Build Fighters Try.” In this slick anime sequel to Gundam Build Fighters, a team of gunpla battlers become world champs. We talk about the different vibe between this series and the original, the cool custom gunpla, and that hilariously great final episode. Plus, Jen and David convince Andy not to buy a $400 Power Girl statue because they’re mean, mean people who have his best interests at heart. This week’s Fight Night: “Which Green Lantern would make the best Gunpla builder & fighter?” To listen to past shows or see what we’re reading next, go to www.WelcometoComics.com. Support the show by becoming a patron today over at www.patreon.com/welcometocomics! Next week: “Batgirl: Year One” by Chuck Dixon.