233 – Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: Activation

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: Activation

We start off our long-awaited Gundam series by reading “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: Activation” by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. In this manga retelling of the original 1979 story that start Japan’s Gundam craze almost 30 years ago, young Amuro accidentally takes control of a prototype mobile suit and repels a recon force from his home, Side 7. We talk about our exposure to gundams in our younger days as well as the awesome action and sparse character development in this manga. Plus, it’s the return of Fight Night!. Apologies to everyone for the wonky audio quality this week. To hear more, go to www.WelcometoComics.com or become a patron today at www.patreon.com/welcometocomics. Next week: “Gundam Build Fighters,” the anime!