227 – Thor: Goddess of Thunder

Thor: Goddess of Thunder

Get ready for the first ever Husband & Wife episode of Welcome to Comics as Andy and Mitali discuss “Thor: Goddess of Thunder” by Jason Aaron. When suddenly none of the Asgardians can lift Mjolnir, a mysterious woman appears and is deemed worthy! The new Thor must battle an invasion of frost giants and beware the wrath of those who call her “thief” — including Odin himself! We talk about how this comic comes across to a new comics reader, and we discuss the controversy behind making Thor *gasp* a woman! No, but, seriously, it’s fine. Plus, we gab about the new Deadpool trailer and Korra. For more info on past and future shows, go to www.WelcometoComics.com! To support the show, become a patron today over at www.patreon.com/welcometocomics. Next week: “Catwoman: Dark End of the Street” by Ed Brubaker!