225 – Dr. Strange: The Oath

Dr. Strange: The Oath

We start off a mystical doctor comparison two-parter by reading “Doctor Strange: The Oath” by Brian K. Vaughan. This amazingly tidy little 5-issue miniseries has amazing artwork, excellent pacing, and a fun story. We gush over everything we love, but end up with a somewhat hollow feeling: for such an awesome book, there’s not much to chew on. Plus, we talk about Gundam Gunpla and LAY DOWN THE GAUNTLET in a GUNDAM BUILDING CHALLENGE against SUPER SUGOI CAST. Will they rise up? For more episodes, go to www.WelcometoComics.com. If you want to support the show, become a patron today at www.Patreon.com/WelcometoComics. Next week we read “Doctor Fate: Countdown to Mystery!” by Steve Gerber!