215 – Multiversity


It might have taken longer than we expected, but we finally got around to reading “Multiversity” by Grant Morrison. In the post-future, there’s only one Monitor left, Nix Uotan, the Superjudge. His reign is jostled when The Open Hand and its Gentry use COMIC BOOKS to invade the Multiverse and destroy the different Earths. At least, that’s the story without all the allegory and everything thrown in. But let’s face it: if you read this comic, then you got Morrison’d. We talk about as much as we can without getting each other too confused. In this week’s Trivia, we’re all slumming in it with negative points. For more info on past or future shows, visit www.WelcometoComics.com! Next week: “The Tick Omnibus, Vol. 1: Sunday Through Wednesday” by Ben Edlund.