205 – Sex Criminals: One Weird Trick

Sex Criminals, Vol. 1

Our Best of 2014 TPBs series wraps up with Matt Fraction’s “Sex Criminals: One Weird Trick.” When two people discover that they can stop time with the power of their orgasms, they set out to save a library until their plans are interrupted by Kegelface. Yeah, this comic really is about as ridiculous as it sounds, but it can also be insanely touching and very sweet. We talk about the book’s themes of sexual awakening, breaking the fourth wall, and pooping in planters. Plus, we talk about Netflix’s Daredevil trailer and answer a listener question about rebooted continuity. This week’s fight night was “Most Sexily Dressed Villain.” For more shows, visit www.WelcometoComics.com! Next Week: “Ms. Marvel: No Normal!” by G. Willow Wilson.