Star Wars Costuming 101: Kids

December 2, 2013 by Andy

There a surprisingly large number of options out there for kids. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, envisions the franchise as something meant for kids that adults can enjoy. There are characters all throughout the movies, shows, comics, and games that kids can attach on and enjoy. Let’s talk about the ones they can be.

R5-D4GONK Droids look intimidating at first. They’re these big, metal things that probably take a lot of time and work to make (and if you want it to look just like the movie, you’re right). But, Droid costumes are also ones you can do with your kids. To the right, we have a guy called a “Gonk Droid.” He walks around saying “Gonk” and does other stuff I have no idea about. But you could conceivably just get a big cardboard box and paint it brown and black and draw on some buttons. Or if you think astromech droids like R2-D2 or R5-D4 (on the left), they’re not too hard, either. I’ve seen parents buy round trashcans with lids, cut out the bottoms, and get a little creative with paint. The best thing is that droids come in all colors. They come in green, blue, red, or even pink. There’s plenty of room to get creative so long as you don’t mind your kid having fun running around in a trash can. But, if you’re worried about your kid being able to sit, there’s always…

JawasEwoks-endorThere are a couple different species of aliens in Star Wars that are short their entire lives. Jawas are little desert people roam around picking up stray droids and then sell them to farmers and shops. They’re scavengers with a pack mentality, and their costume is really pretty easy, except for the glowing yellow eyes. Black, see-through cloth over the face with a pair of reflectors comes up really well on camera (or so I’ve read). Another option might be ewoks, the little furry dudes on the left. They’re cute, cuddly, and incredibly brave. Aside from their being furry, the only definitive things about ewoks are that they wear these cloth bib/hood things and they carry sticks and spears as weapons. There are lots of guides out there on how to dress your kid as an ewok. But you know, you don’t have to go to aliens and droids; your kid could just be a…

Sith or Jedi
super-deluxe-child-qui-gon-jinndeluxe-darth-maul-kids-costume Alright, I’ll say up front that the kid on the left is insane. Still, Sith costumes are ridiculously easy: a black shirt, black pants, and a red lightsaber. Sith always wear all-black and their lightsabers are always red. After that, it’s up to you how snazzy you want to make it (add a cape, a robe, or a neat, spiky belt). Jedi are almost as easy. The kid on the right’s just wearing brown pants with a tan tunic thing and a belt. The tunic thing might take some finding/making, but it doesn’t have to be exact. You could even just get them in a shirt that’s a size or two too large and use the belt to hold it down. The other neat thing about Jedi is that their lightsabers come in almost any color you can think of (except red): blue, green, purple, yellow, white, whatever (except red). These costumes are probably the easiest and would still look pretty good.

If you’re not a DIY kind of person when it comes to kids costumes, now is also a decent time to buy Halloween costumes online (from places like They’re on sale, and if your kids don’t grow too much, they might even work for next year’s Halloween, too.

Star Wars Costuming 101: Women

December 1, 2013 by Andy

One of the things I’ve always loved about Star Wars is that it has no shortage of strong female characters. Take Leia for example: she’s the diplomatic and tactical leader of the rebellion, giving orders to generals and Jedi; she’s a very good fighter pilot; she’s the first-born of the most powerful Jedi ever born (which means she’d probably make an every better Jedi than Luke); and she’s got cojones of steel, walking into a mob boss’ palace and threatening him with a live grenade so she could be the knight in shining armor to save her helpless lover. Yeah, she’s amazing. There are many, many characters like her in Star Wars. Let’s talk about how to dress up as one of them, starting with the easiest thing possible.

Just a DressPadme in Summer
In this picture on the right we have Padme Amidala, Leia’s mother. She’s a Queen, a senator, and a warrior. She also really likes wearing dresses and walking around her planet that just happens to look a lot like Italy. But you know what, for this costume, she’s just wearing a really flamboyant dress. It’s very bright and unapologetic. But you know, this is a little too easy. You could go one step higher and add…

Even More JewelryMon Mothma
I know you can’t tell, but the dress that Mon Mothma’s wearing to the left is just a simple white dress with flared sleeves. She’s just wearing, uh, like four necklaces with it (but not earrings, oddly enough). So if you’re going the easy route and wearing a simple dress, maybe go one step further and put on an extra necklace or two or three. Maybe you could even put on an extra four or five rings, too, and dress up like you’re royalty. Nobody says it has to match; this is science-fiction, after all! But okay, this is all pretty normal so far. We want you to dress up, not just be eccentric. Maybe you want to be more like…

Aayla SecuraAayla Secura
Aside from being one of the best hand-to-hand fighters among any Jedi who ever lived, Aayla Secura also had a penchant for not wearing nearly enough clothes. Now, you don’t have to go this far. You could wear brown pants with a light-brown top of some kind. Also, like all jedi, Aayla wore a brown robe that only came off when it was time to fight. Aside from her being blue and having weird head-tail-things, this costume becomes really easy, then: brown pants, light-brown top, and a long, brown coat with a pair of blue lightsabers. Or green lightsabers. Or purple. Or whatever color you want. If you want to be a Jedi, it’s easy: wear brown and carry a lightsaber. But maybe you want to look a little more hardcore, like…

Mara JadeMara Jade
Mara Jade, Luke’s wife, was pretty awesome. She was the Emperor’s personal assassin before she was assigned to Luke, who saved her from the Dark Side. She wears black leather and brown strappy things (I don’t even know what some of these straps do in the picture). She compliments her getup with a grey scarf and a lightsaber (because she’s cool like that). So, if you’d like, your costume doesn’t have to be all dressy or all brown. It can be leather and black gloves and badassery if you want. But you know, if this is the kind of costume you want, maybe you should consider going a little more evil like…

Jaina Solo here has “almost” gone evil so many times, it’s kind of a joke. If you want to be a lady Sith, this is probably your best inspiration. It’s really easy to be Sith: just wear all black with some hints of very dark grey then throw on a red lightsaber or two. The Sith have a lot of variation in how much or how little clothing they wear (like this insanity), but there are two constant elements: they wear all black and they carry a red lightsaber. If you do those two things, there will never be any confusion over what you’re dressing up as. Not enough? Okay then…

GO CRAZYAsajjc22c6b8fc68c87af6a9641295c5c80a4
For women, there’s really no limits. There are crazy dresses with blasters and strappy things with lightsabers. There’s way too much jewelry and more weapons than a human can hold. There are entire websites dedicated to Amidala’s many, many dresses and just as many for her makeup. It’s a world of costuming that has way more options than what the guys get. But I know that all that choice can be confusing. Just remember that you don’t have to dive in with eight feet of hair, insane makeup, and some incredibly ornate dress. You can start out with a blaster or a lightsaber, just like the guys. And, just like them, you can be an…

Imperial OfficerImperial Officer
While the Imperial Officer’s uniform isn’t something you can make, and it’s kind of expensive to buy, it underscores a really important fundamental when it comes to inventing your own Star Wars character and costume: “fashion” in Star Wars always pulls from one of three places: Japanese clothes (robes), Western movies (blasters and vests), and the military. In the movies, the Empire is a giant, totalitarian, militaristic government. It employs millions of troops and officers who wear all kinds of different uniforms. You could go to a military surplus store, pick a uniform, tack on a pile of medals, and call it good.

Making a costume is only as intimidating as you make it. You can shoot for making a costume straight out of the movies, or you can invent something really simple that you love that just adds a holster and a blaster or a toy lightsaber you picked up from Toys-r-Us. This is as easy or as difficult as you make it, really. And hey, if you’re concerned about looking silly, just remember: the bride, groom, and the bridal party will all be in some kind of costume. If you’re worried about taking a picture with us, the weird pictures will be of those people who haven’t dressed up.

Star Wars Costuming 101: Men

December 1, 2013 by Andy

Alright, so for our wedding, we’re asking people to dress in costume. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and spend $1,000 for a movie replica quality set of stormtrooper armor (though, if you want to, that’d be awesome). Mostly, it means putting on something a little fun. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that make up Star Wars costumes.

The CapeLando
There’s one surefire simple way to come up with a costume that feels Star Warsy: add a cape. No, seriously. Take Billy Dee Williams over here on the right. What’s he wearing? A purple polo and navy slacks. Without the cape and the blaster, that’s it. It’s nothing crazy. But then suddenly when you add the collared cape, it stops being something you see people wearing on the street. When you add the blaster, it becomes sci-fi. Lando’s purple cape with gold lining matches his sense of flair. He’s an outgoing, charismatic guy. Some people aren’t quite so out there, which brings us to..

The RobeObi-Wan
Two years ago at Comic-Con I talked to a company that sells replica-quality Jedi costumes. After a little talk, they admitted that they buy the khakis from Target as part of their $600 Obi-Wan package. Yeah, they go to Target and spend $18 for khakis for their replica costumes. The tunic is more or less just some fabric wrapped around Obi-Wan in the picture on the left. The thing that really makes it a “jedi” costume is that robe. It’s kind of a simple, brown hooded robe, but it’s kinda hard to find out here in California. You could wear your bathrobe I guess, but it might be a little warm. The point here, though, is that the costume isn’t too hard. It’s just tan slacks with a tan tunic and an over-large belt (presumably to wedge a lightsaber into). So if you want to be a Jedi, just find a robe and a toy lightsaber and you’re set. But, if you don’t want to be one of the good guys…

Being SithSith
So, you want to be evil? That’s awesome. They’re pretty much the easiest. They wear all-black with either grey or dark brown accents. You can go crazy elaborate like Dooku here on the right, or you can go simple like Darth Maul (more or less just a black robe with black pants and a black, long-sleeve T-Shirt). Even the mroe difficult Sith costumes just add a fancy robe and a belt. But here’s the important part of being Sith: make sure that your lightsaber is red. Jedi sabers come in many different colors, but Sith swords are always red. If you do nothing but wear all black and carry a red lightsaber, you’re a Sith. but maybe you prefer guns? In that case, you can just…

Add a BlasterHan Solo
Han Solo is more or less the coolest guy in any of these movies. Let’s break down his costume. He’s wearing a long-sleeve white polo with a black vest. Well that’s really easy. He’s also wearing navy slacks with some weird red stripes (we can ignore those) and boots. All of that is completely normal. I might even wear this outfit to work next week and nobody would notice. Know what makes it Star Wars? The GIANT HOLSTER WITH THE HUGE GUN. Now, I’m not saying you gotta go out and buy some crazy movie replica blaster, but hey, that holster is pretty easy, really. You could buy something like that at a military surplus store. Or heck, you could even make one in a pinch. You could go to a fabric store, buy yourself some leather, and punch it together. Okay. If you still haven’t gotten any ideas, maybe you want to see some of the crazy stuff, like…

Cad BaneCad Bane
Cad Bane is a gunslinger. He’s got the long coat, the chaps, the dual pistol holster, the big hat, and everything. He’s also got a head wrap, blue skin, and sometimes some tubes that go from a pack on his back to his neck. But here’s the takeaway: even when Star Wars costumes get crazy elaborate, they almost always tend to pull inspiration from one of two places: Japanese samurai stuff (like the Jedi in robes) or old Westerns (like Han Solo and this guy Cad Bane). If you want to go super elaborate, just dig deeper into either of those two places of inspiration and add an extra element or two of weird sci-fi stuff. The last option I have for you is…

The UniformImperial Officer
Okay, so this isn’t one you can make at home. If you want to do this one right, you probably should order it. The only reason I’m even including it is that it’s the one last place you can draw inspiration from in making your costume: the military. In the movies, the Empire is a massive, totalitarian, militaristic government. They have millions of troops throughout the galaxy wearing all kinds of combinations of uniforms. You can probably swing by a military surplus store, pick up a uniform, and throw some medals on it. That would fit in just fine.

Mailed Invitations!

September 15, 2013 by Mitali

Our wedding invitations went out in the mail early Thursday morning. Please look out for your invitations and they should get to you soon! Also, please RSVP by November 4th, 2013 and check out the tab labeled Guest Details for details on hotels, flights, dress code, etc. We’re so excited to hear from you!

Invites are printed!

August 30, 2013 by Andy

We picked up the invitations from the printer yesterday and will be sending them out sometime this weekend. It’s our hope that they’ll be in your mailbox by Friday so you can have plenty of time to finalize your RSVP before November 4th (our RSVP ‘deadline’ for you all). We hope you like them as much as we do!

Hotel Block

August 30, 2013 by Andy

For those of you traveling from out of town, we have arranged a block of hotel rooms at the Mission Inn Hotel just a few blocks away from the Triton (about a 15 minute walk). The hotel is a good balance of value, location, and quality. If you’re looking for a place to stay for the wedding, we’d recommend calling this place first. However, if you’d like an even more budget-friendly option or a higher-end option, there are many, many hotels near the Triton that fall all over the hotel spectrum from Motel 6 to Suites.

For more information on the room block, click on the Guest Details tab and look under Hotel.

Printed Save the Dates

August 30, 2013 by Andy




By now, everyone should have received our Save the Date cards for the wedding, so I no longer have any hesitation posting these online. These cards were done by the incredibly talented Cindy Tsui. They came out really well and I love all the elegant star wars touches here. The envelopes were printed at home on our laser printer. I’m really happy with how they turned out, too.

Final Venue. Really.

May 13, 2013 by Andy

I know we’ve posted on here a few times that we’ve “found” a venue. The thing is, once you find a place that’s a good size and a reasonable price, you still have some kinks to work out. If you live in SJ and find a good venue in Oakland, you have to deal with coordinating a wedding from a distance. Finding caterers and florists and everything else becomes that much more difficult. If you find a place close to you, then they need to have reasonable managers who are good at working with people. After a lot of looking around and balancing our options for what’s important to us, I can assure you all that we have finalized our venue. I’ve even waited to post about it on here until we actually put in a deposit for the place. The wedding will be located at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA. Having our wedding in a museum is an idea that’s appealed to me from the start. Unfortunately, a lot of bay area museums are either too small or too expensive (don’t even ask how much the California Academy of Sciences costs). The Triton, however, is a perfect mix. It’s just the right size and much closer to our budget than a lot of places. We’ll be scrounging around to supply our own tables and chairs, but that seems to be the only problem with the place. We both really like working with Amanda, one of Triton’s employees who seems to do a lot of different jobs. Mostly though, I love the idea of getting married in an art gallery and having a reception in another. There’s tons of parking and the place is really, really easy to get to. Putting in the deposit and actually, really finalizing what’s probably the biggest piece in coordinating a wedding has us both pretty relieved and excited.


May 13, 2013 by Mitali

Ready to Send

Ready to Send

Check your mailboxes in the next few days for our official “Save the Date” cards. Designed by Cindy Tsui, the cards do a really good job of making the Star Wars theme obvious without being juvenile. My biggest fear in creating a themed celebration was that it would come out less “wedding classy” and more “child’s birthday party.” Thankfully, my woes were quickly allayed, and if nothing else our invitations and party stationery will all look fantastic. We’ve done a little designing of the envelope, too, and I hope you all like it. I’ll post pictures of the actual cards here in a few days, after you’ve all had a chance to get them in the mail. No point in spoiling the surprise already.

That’s No Moon

March 11, 2013 by Andy

After quite a bit of searching around in the South Bay, it seems like we’ve found a venue just a few miles from our doorstep. The Los Gatos History Club is a local nonprofit with a meeting hall that has a capacity of 150. What we like about it is that it’s close, it’s affordable, and they say they’ve held many Indian weddings in the past. The only downside is the limited parking. There’s only space for about a dozen cars, and the surrounding residential neighborhood doesn’t offer a whole lot more. We’re working with a nearby hotel and the high school right around the corner to try and arrange a better parking situation, but right now that’s still up in the air. Inside, the hall has a great hardwood floor and a large stage area for our western ceremony. Outside is a heated patio, bar area, and space for a ceremony. If the weather is nice, we’re hoping to do the entire ceremony outdoors under their gazebo/altar/thing. If not, the covered part of the patio is large enough for a ceremony, and guests can stay inside and watch the proceedings through a very large window. Either way, the venue works well with our hopes for a complete dual-ceremony + reception site. We also like that all of the money we’re spending will be going toward a non-profit.

Hall Panoramic

Hall Panoramic

Patio Panoramic

Patio Panoramic